Let the SCV be

Anniston Star
Mar 05, 2011

I read in the Feb. 20 Star about the people of Montgomery and how they reacted to the march of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. People were shaking their heads in disgust and were brazen enough to compare it to the Holocaust. How ignorant can people get?

Abraham Lincoln once said, “If I could save the Union without freeing one slave, I would.” In the 1960s, people protested segregation, civil rights and former Alabama Gov. George Wallace. So who was it that protested this? The same ones who do it today. Look into the present, and see who has the double standard.


I’m no racist, but I do believe in fairness. What would I be called if I set aside an all-white school or a white history month? I would be a racist. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Let the SCV be.

Jesse Hamilton