If ever this city had a race issue, it is now, as always, and a big reason racism is the tail that wags the dog is Wendi Thomas. If you want this town to heal, to find solutions to its problems instead of pointing fingers all the time, then send her packing to some other city where she can widen the race war there instead of here. This city has so much black-white cooperation, so much working for it, but she is not a part of it. Whenever a racial incident scab is healing, whenever two sides are texting behind the scenes, leave it to her to bring it to a screaming halt.

Nathan Bedford Forrest did not found the KKK. It was already existing. He was approached to lead, and agreed. While this is not a stellar part of his life, he did some good in other ways to help the South heal from its wounds. Let the Civil War be over in Memphis, Ms. Thomas.

Jim Williams