Let Southern history tell the truth, let the flag fly high


My grandparents were colored. My parents are Negroes. I am black and my children are African-American. I am unsure what my grandchildren consider themselves since they are only 10 and 18 months. I think one is Pokemon, though.

I am a Southerner by birth and history. I don’t know of any of my ancestors who were born or raised in America that weren’t Southerners.

In the article, "Flag debate spreading across Deep South," Georgia Rep. Fran Millar is credited with "plans to introduce" a bill to the Georgia Legislature that would "answer an issue about preserving Southern history."

Southern history is more than just a flag. The issue is Southern history. Tell the entire story.

The current history of the South is incomplete for me I have two signs from the 1940’s One reads, "For Whites Only" and the other "For Colored Only." I also have a set of slave shackles.

This is a part of my Southern history and, for me, these items are as integrated (no pun intended) into Southern history as the "stars and bars."
Personally, I want the Confederate battle flag to fly high. The "stars and bars" is one of the few public displays of a very dark time in American history. It is a symbol for me. It references the struggles of me ancestors on my behalf. Every time I see the "stars and bars" it reminds me to be vigilant, work hard, stay focused and never permit a personal action by me to move us, as a people, back toward that time in our history.

Lastly, I do not blame or assign guilt for slavery-related atrocities to anyone living today. No one owes me an apology or one red cent for reparations.

History is the past. Let the flag fly. We have some serious issues that require our immediate attention, like the education of our children and the health care of our seniors. Let the flags fly.