Lest We Forget!
From: oldsouthrebel@zebra.net
Jim Folsom, Jr. Took Our Flag Down!
In April 1993, Lt. Gov. Jim Folsom & AG Jimmy Evans ousted anti-gambling Gov. Guy Hunt from office on grounds that Guy Hunt had misused his campaign funds. Guy Hunt only had about 18 months left of his second ELECTED term as Governor.  Guy Hunt was a BOLD supporter of our Southern Heritage & REFUSED to allow Ala. House Rep. Alvin Holmes scale the Capitol dome to remove the Confederate Flag! Before a 7 day clock had struck, Jim Folsom, as his first order of business as governor, took the Confederate Battle Flag down. Due to our grassroots efforts in the next gubernatorial election, Jim Folsom was defeated by Fob James. Upon leaving office, Folsom demanded a taxpayer paid body guard, stating he needed a body guard because “he was the governor who took the Confederate Battle Flag down from the dome”!!! Obviously Jim Folsom has low regard for the people of Alabama!

In a Huntsville Times report 23 October, 2010, Kay Ivey, Republican candidate for Lt. Gov. was asked if she favored returning the Confederate Battle Flag to a place of prominence over the Capitol. Mrs. Ivey responded with the following:

Ivey said the flag was part of Alabama’s history and she was proud to be an Alabamian and a Southerner, but she did not say she supported such a move. She said state officials’ flying the flag during the Civil Rights era was a statement about wanting "the federal government out of the business of the state." She said there are concerns again today about federal government.