Answer to Leonard Pitts Editorial in the Jonesboro Sun today about the Confederate Flag


Everyone has Heritage Sins!

I am a member of "Sons of Confederate Veterans" and proud of my forefathers. Our application doesn’t ask what group do you belong. We have members of Mexican, Chinese, Spanish, French, Irish, German and yes, African descent. Question is there only white racist? I think not.

Yes Leonard Pitts, Let me be perfectly clear, "Slavery was WRONG; and should not have happened!" Everyone has a heritage sin in this. Africans sold their brothers to the Dutch slave traders, to Northerners, who sold to the Southerner who bought and used the slaves, all have sinned. The Africans practiced use of slaves in their tribal systems. Everyone was forgiven except the poor Confederates. Again slavery was wrong and will always be. There are 27 million slaves in the world today. No one is writing about these poor souls.

All wars are political and economic in nature.

Everyone says the Confederate flag is offensive because hate groups use it. I remember on newsreels hate groups carrying their official flags, the American and Christian Flags, and burning crosses. I do not see anyone removing crosses from their churches or removing the American flag because of usage by hate groups

Leonard was right none of my Confederate ancestors owned slaves. 90% of the Confederate did not own slaves. The northern soldiers were fighting a war to save the Union not to free slaves.

Union General U.S. Grant said, "If I thought this war was to abolish slavery, I would resign my commission, and offer my sword to the other side." Grant owned slaves until after the war.

Lincoln fired General John Fremont for freeing slaves in Missouri. Lincoln said, "The general should never have dragged the Negro into the war. It is a war for a great national object and the Negro has nothing to do with it."

If we fly the Mexican Flag and honor it during "Cinco De Mayo",

(The country that killed Travis, Crockett and Bowie at the Alamo) and we fly the Japanese and German Flags at American plants after WW II, we should be able to fly a southern American Flag. The Confederate Flag was the flag of the Soldier.

Any school that restricts the wearing of the Confederate symbols are restricting southern descendents from honoring their ancestors and their first amendment rights.

Facts: Slavery was not a White-Black issue. Some free blacks owned slaves. There were Black Confederate Soldiers, free and slave.

I think I am offended by the use of the word Redneck referring to descendants of Southerners!

Lets remember that Pitts wants to jerk your chain so you will read his column from time to time. Yes, he is correct on some point but he is like Lincoln (a politician by trade) in that he does not tell you all the truth.

By the way lets ask our Native American brothers what they think of the American flag that enslaved them and took their land? See we all have sinned.

W. Danny Honnoll
Great Great Grandson of Lt. James Wiseman Honnoll
11th Mississippi Cavalry, CSA
Cmdr Shaver Camp #1655, SCV
Jonesboro, Arkansas