The growing movement to defend our borders and save our society from Third-World invaders could be unjustly stigmatized in a similar manner – and by the same people – as the Confederate Battleflag was in the 60s and 70s.

It began with the leftist-backed Civil Rights movement in the 40s and 50s. The dangerous usurpation of local autonomy presented by the Civil Rights revolution generated principled, energetic opposition. One of the most famous statements against this now-holy movement was the Southern Manifesto, which made clear the real issue that motivated the Federal government’s takeover of many State institutions:

“The unwarranted decision of the Supreme Court in the public school cases is now bearing the fruit always produced when men substitute naked power for established law.

The Founding Fathers gave us a Constitution of checks and balances because they realized the inescapable lesson of history that no man or group of men can be safely entrusted with unlimited power.”

The Southern rebellion against this Federal usurpation achieved genuine momentum, even leading to a serious presidential campaign by Strom Thurmond on the so-called “Dixiecrat” party.

Then the Klan, sniffing an opportunity to make its obsolete organization relevant again, sneaked up and fastened itself like a leech onto this Southern-based uprising. Despite its long history of standing beside the US flag (even to the point of mandating the Pledge of Allegiance in Oregon schools), the Klan now began using the Confederate flag at its rallies.

This spectacle was just the thing leftist-statist Civil Rights advocates needed. Opposition to any legislation bearing the name of “Civil Rights” branded one as a sheet-wearing, cross-burning, bomb-throwing homicidal maniac. Thanks to the media’s constant focus on the Klan, and by associating the Klan with the Battleflag, opposition to Civil Rights vanished. Today, even so-called conservatives claim to revere Martin Luther King. The triumph of the Civil Rights revolution has spawned affirmative action, inner-city crime, and open borders.

And sadly, Southern pride is officially denigrated as being forever linked to the Klan, thanks largely to the Civil Rights propaganda machine.

The same outrage is being perpetrated today as the present crop of useful idiots for the Left — this time brownshirted Nazis — try to squirm into the growing movement to fix our broken borders:

“But the very same day, the paper relayed to the same readers the Nazis’ hate-filled message: "The Nazi group will commemorate the anniversary of the assassination of the white nationalist movement’s founder and rally against increased political repression of working-class white people, spokesman Bill White said in a press release."

There was no mention of our counterdemonstration and no mention of their racist demands against immigrants.”

See? The left is using the presence of Nazis to undermine border security. If you’re opposed to floodtide immigration, then you’re making “racist demands against immigrants” just like the Nazis.

Just as the KKK tried to use Southern pride to further their aims, Nazis are trying to use the immigration issue to further theirs. And just as the media, academia, and government proclaimed that the KKK had forever linked Southern pride, and its most famous symbol, the Battleflag, with hate, the same is being done with immigration.

I condemn the ruling class and its propagandists in the media for the ongoing smear campaign against the effort to save the country from floodtide immigration. But I feel a special disgust for the left’s “useful idiots” – in this case, the Nazis – for idiotically harming the effort to protect our borders and our culture against a Third-World invasion. Just as the KKK is responsible for aiding and abetting the success of the disastrous Civil Rights revolution, which has wrecked black communities and boosted Big Government, the Nazis are responsible for whatever public relations harm comes to the anti-immigration cause. Thanks a bunch, morons.

Posted by: Mike Tuggle on Aug 23, 06

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