Lee-Jackson issue
From: GeorgiaFlagger@JoiMail.com
To: editor@thenews-gazette.com, jeclark@ntelos.net
Dear Editor
So, in the picturesque hamlet of Lexington, I read about a small group of community agitators that hate Confederates more in 2011 than the Yankees that actually fought against them from 1861-1865. 
Strange, that the Yankees, after their victory, welcomed their former foe back into our country, eventually burying some in a special section in Arlington National Cemetery – called Jackson Circle for VMI’s own Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson, and finally granted them the same status as United States Veterans. The U.S. even gave the last 2 remaining Confederate soldiers a Congressional Gold Medal. President Obama laid a wreath at the Arlington Confederate Memorial last year.
My understanding of this situation is that descendants of Confederate Veterans along with others so interested pay respects to 2 of America’s greatest Generals, educators and leaders on what is known as Lee-Jackson Day – named for Robert E. Lee and the aforementioned Thomas Jonathan Jackson. The recent Rockbridge Weekly article covering the March 17th comments to the Lexington City Council leads me to further understand less than 10 people spoke against those who wish to pay respects, and presented a petition with less than 350 unverified signatures on it. With around 7,500 residents of the city itself, that is a very tiny segment of complainers.
Those Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) have 2 unlikely allies in support of honoring their Confederate forebears. The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) does up north what the SCV does in Dixie – honor their Federal ancestors, but have passed a public resolution stating :
"WHEREAS, we, the members of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, support the flying of the Confederate battle flag as a historical piece of this nation’s history; oppose the removal of any Confederate monuments or markers to those gallant soldiers in the former Confederate States, and strongly oppose the removal of ANY reminders of this nation’s bloodiest war on the grounds of it being "politically correct"

The other is Uncle Sam himself. Not only did the United States name a sizable amount of Army military bases for Confederate Generals – Fort Hood, Fort A.P. Hill, Fort Bragg, and of course Fort Lee, but the Navy gave honors as well, with the USS Robert E Lee SSBN 601 and USS Stonewall Jackson SSBN 631.
The dissenters led by Anna Brodski remind me of those misguided people of Westboro Baptist Church protesting funerals of fallen soldiers. If former enemies can lay down arms, pay respects and honor each other, as it should be, why are there some who wish to create divisions and strife where none exists now? Please continue to allow the SCV to honor their dead as took place this past January and ignore the calls by a few for discrimination. We are better than that.
Thank you and God Bless
Billy Bearden
Carrollton Georgia