From: Chaltas, David

[]  Sent: Saturday, October 18, 2008
 To: HK Edgerton

 My Dear Brother H. K.,

 I wish to bid you good health this day and applaud your continued efforts in honoring the Southern Black Men who honored their heritage by their sacrifices.  Your voice resonates to heaven; as they look down to earth with tear filled eyes of appreciation.  For that voice in the wilderness reminds all of their deeds.  God will continue to bless your endeavors as you carry the sacred principles of the heartland.

 Sir, I am writing to inform you that the Ben Caudill Camp #1629 is honored to sponsor you as our keynote speaker at the TRI-STATE Lee/Jackson Dinner to be held on January 3, 2009, starting at 6:30 P. M..  I am creating flyers for the event (example included)and working in conjunction with the Wise County Historical Society, Virginia/KY/TN Sons.  I will work on an agenda and send it to you for your input.  Also, we will have reenactors from within the region who will be offering flyers and information on tables around the walls.  I will be asking Tim Kelly to put a slide presentation together from all the events he has attended.  The restaurant holds 220.  I plan on packing the house!  I met with the owner of the restaurant and he is excited.  The restaurants theme is the WBTS and is loaded with image and artifacts.

 We will provide you accommodations via the graciousness of the Wise County ( offer you an honorarium (I wish we could do more but we are a struggling camp).  Please bring your T-shirts, wares and come early so we can sit up a place for you to sale.  Do offer Brother Terry an invitation to attend as well.

 My life has been richly blessed since the good Lord had our paths cross.

 With Sacred Principles to Maintain,  I remain humbled to serve as

 The Old General
 Army of Tennessee Chaplain
 Kentucky Division Chaplain
 Commander of Ben Caudill Camp #1629

 My Friend, I also found this as I was researching at Washington/Lee College;  I plan to continue my endeavors and hopefully find where he is buried.

 In 1795-John Chavis enrolled into Liberty Hall (Washington College).  He had Fought in American Revolution, graduated from Liberty and College of New Jersey, became a Presbyterian minister, and opened a school in N. C. for white and black students.  First black to ever get a degree in the U.S.

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