Lee High, Huntsville, Alabama

From: rpdaniel@comcast.net

From topperg – Bama Magazine:

In another instance of political correctness and arbitrary administrative decisions run amok, after having served NE Huntsville’s kids and families since 1958, the old lady, Lee High School, needed a facelift. The lettering Lee High School was removed from the new building yesterday in anticipation of an apparent and imminent but unknown name change, one that will reflect its merging with some other areas of the city. Perhaps, New Century. Yep. New Century. The stars and bars were removed from the General logo in the 80’s. Understandable.

But, as an alum, I am more than offended at the name change. Condredge Holloway, Ricky Moore, Thomas Boyd, Kim Dickens (actress, most recently in Footloose) are among just a few distinguished grads. You probably have friends and/or acquaintances from Lee.

I’ve included a link to a petition opposing the name change. If you feel moved, please, please, add your signature. If reading this post has been a waste of a few minutes of your time, I apologize. The mods will soon decide whether or not it is out of place. Thanks, Bama friends. Roll Tide and Go Generals.