Robert E. Lee Celebration at Capitol, where was Governor Perdue and others?

January 19 is of course Robert E. Lee’s Birthday, a day set aside to remember and celebrate one of America’s legendary leaders of our Heritage. Of course the politically correct demean the character of Robert E. Lee – but as we all know facts never stand in the way of the politically correct.

The facts about Robert E. Lee are well documented. A man whose character sets a standard that all of us would do well to strive for. Isn’t this why we have memorial days such as Robert E. Lee’s birthday? To remember and pass on the attributes of great leaders from our history and heritage in the hopes that their virtues will be emulated in the future?

Or as many would propose today, Holidays are just another chance to push a politically correct agenda and to pander to special interests. We live in a country that despite shortcomings has been the benefactor of the greatest experiment in self-government and individual liberty in the entire world. What we should be thinking about is a question – is this a permanent gift that will remain forever or are we benefiting from a gift that may expire?

Robert E. Lee was known as a man of great integrity. On January 19th a Celebration was held in our State Capitol in his honor. That Capitol is the center piece of our State government and virtually every member of our State government falls way short in any comparison with the character and integrity of Robert E. Lee. If there was ever a place in Georgia where the occupants would be well served by using Robert E. Lee as a role model it is our State Capitol.

How many of our State officials do you trust implicitly? Robert E. Lee was such a man, even his opponents on a battlefield has high regard for Robert E. Lee.

How many of our State officials place Duty above personal gain? Even men who faced possible death from the actions of Robert E. Lee had respect from Robert E. Lee’s commitment to Duty.

This list could go on and on. So now comes the second question, where were they? I did not see my State Representative, State Senator, Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State or any of my elected officials there. They flock to exhibitions by Chambers, fund raisers, special interests but run for the county line when presented the opportunity to learn more and pay respect to a man of undisputed character.

Join with us as we encourage our Georgia elected officials to attend future Robert E. Lee Celebrations in the hope that they will learn something about real leadership. They need the lessons and nothing will change until we make it change. Georgia residents, to send your elected officials an encouragement letter, click HERE.

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