Dear SHNV Friends,
One of my friends wrote, “I think the system of government isn’t broken, the politicians are.” While this is a popular sentiment that keeps people voting and praying for a better USA I must disagree with him on this one. This is a half truth at best which can often be more deceptive than a full-blown lie.
The U.S. system of government was corrupt and nearly completely broken by the 1830’s. Vital areas of the U.S. Constitution were being ignored, and as the political influence of the industrial north grew the industries began putting their State and federal representatives on their payrolls. The unethical conflict of interests practiced by northern politicians was a disgrace.
By 1830 Daniel Webster, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, used his time to gain federal funding for the New England shipping and industrial interests. He bragged that he was on the payroll of 40 northern industries while he was a Senator which was not atypical for New England politicians, a practice which Southerners considered corrupt and intolerable. Between 1830 and 1860 the Southern States lost 50% of their State wealth to subsidies to corrupt northern industry. By the 1860’s the U.S. system of government was completely broken.
When the reconstructed Glen Beck types of the South say, “If this man (Obama or whoever) gets elected we will be on the road to socialism.” Well, duh . . . we have been a totalitarian state since the 1860’s and became a fully fledged socialist-fascist state during World War I.
The protections of the U.S. Constitution were not just weakened, but gone by 1865. I am amazed that so many contemporary Southerners do not understand this. How many people would a government have to kill in our States before Southerners would recognize that their federal government has become a totalitarian police state?
The continuing chatter about the U.S. Constitution is pointless. We have not had a constitutional government since 1865. During the early 1860’s the power resided in the Executive Branch of government and then by the twisting of the 14th Amendment, one of the three post-bellum Amendments, we moved to sharing power with the Judiciary Branch while those “representatives” of the people in the Legislative Branch became the intrenched lackey’s of American fascist bankers and large industries who bought them through large “campaign contributions” and lucrative positions should they lose an election. Conservative think-tanks place the U.S. as 17th or 19th “down” the list of countries whom enjoy the most individual freedoms. What we believe about our own government simply is not true and has not been true for more than a hundred years.
As governments become larger and/or wealthier they become more broken regardless of their structure, largely because of the fallen nature of sinful men. Government is not entirely necessary as so many believe, AND it is by nature evil, corrupt and corrupting.
* * * Simply put the U.S. Constitution failed, and it failed for several reasons. The U.S.Constitution and The Articles of Confederation were good in and of themselves, but 1) they were not inherently self-enforcing, and 2) the country began suffering from the apostasy of American Christianity in New England, the western States and now in the Southern States as orthodox righteous thinking people have become a smaller minority with less and less public and political influence. Without a large core of traditional thinking people and strong private institutions that stand firm preserving a Biblical moral culture who work to hold their government accountable, it DOES NOT MATTER who is elected or what their "vision for America" is. The system is too broken to be fixed on the large scale which would be necessary to reinstate a government that would truly be independent and protect liberty and freedom.
The continuing moral decline in American family life corresponds to the increase of totalitarian power and practices of the U.S. government. Those who do not understand that it is too late for “reform” fail to understand the depth of American brokenness and the nature of political processes. Should a real shooting revolution gain large the support of most Americans it is unlikely that the condition of the country would be improved, and it is very likely that it would be worse. Shooting revolutions rarely have achieved the goals that were seeking when they began.
As empires fail they often become more and more dangerous to their own citizens as governments try to hang on to power and control the flow of money. Those who support the totalitarian governments of modernity become enablers to the totalitarian practices of the U.S. and the economic and military interventionism that promotes violence and revolutions around the world, and they themselves a part of the problem.
The solution to the brokenness of the U.S. today is the same as it was for the brokenness of the U.S. during the 1860’s. The only difference is that the political conditions of the U.S. today are worse than it was when the U.S. committed genocide against our ancestors. Southerners should be the first to recognize this.
We need to secede on the personal level now in every way possible. We should be involved in local government and withdraw from involvement in and giving our assent to the federal government in every way including voting in elections for federal offices.
We need to ask ourselves, “What is it that actually still represents the righteous principles of the U.S. Founders, and our views today?” If those principles represent us today then we need to form governments on those principles and withdraw from the corruptions of modernity.
The U.S. population in 1776 was approximately 2 1/2 million, less than the population of 35 individual States today. Thirty-five States have individual populations that are larger than the entire country was in 1776. Most of those States have cultures and populations that no longer buy into any spiritual concept of an orthodox Christian thinking person; whereas, the Framers of the U.S. Constitution sought to create a government based on moral Biblical principles.
It is time to face the reality that we are governed by godless socialists and that we desperately need to establish smaller and independent polities in North America that share common convictions, because there is no compromise that a U.S. Constitutionalist can make with socialists that is ever enough to satisfy their desire for total control over our lives.
If there is a lesson that history teaches, it is that winners do not have to learn from history.
Secession is still the answer.

Timothy D. Manning, M.Div
Executive Director
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