The League And Flag Misuse



In response to Steve L’s query about a League of the South official statement regarding the misuse of the flags of the Confederacy, I am aware of none.

I would not understand apologizing for something I could not control, and liken this to craven politicians today apologizing for African slavery they had absolutely no control over. In my opinion, it is a waste of time to respond to claims of racism and the Confederate flag made by the usual suspects. The spirit of the "Union League" is still alive today and striving to drive political wedges between black and white Americans, and the Confederate flag represents a convenient whipping boy that black Americans have been taught to hate. Let us not be distracted by this—it is a far better use of our valuable time revealing the cause of the hypocritical New England Jacobin revolutionaries of 1861, and working toward self-determination and political liberty for Southern Americans.

For an interesting expose on the infamous Union League, see

If one wants to know official League positions on relations with other ethnic groups, go to to find the following statements which should satisfy Steve L’s question.

Bernhard Thuersam, State Chair
North Carolina League of the South

Q: What is the LS position regarding blacks in the South?
A: The LS disavows a spirit of malice and extends an offer of good will and cooperation to Southern blacks in areas where we can work together as Christians to make life better for all people in the South. We affirm that, while historically the interests of Southern blacks and whites have been in part antagonistic, true Constitutional government would provide protection to all law-abiding citizens — not just to government-sponsored victim groups.

League of the South Statement on "Racism"

The League of the South has never before issued a statement denying that it is "racist" because racism is a wax nose charge. Those who resort to this charge can never be satisfied. The more we deny it, the more we will be forced to deny it, until at last all that we will have time to do is to repel the latest charge of "racism." However, we make this one statement, to satisfy strangers of good will, that we bear no ill will or hatred to any racial, ethnic, or religious group.

We believe that Christianity and social order require that all people, regardless of race, must be equal before the law. We do not believe that the law should be used to persecute, oppress, or favour any race or class.

We believe that the only harmony possible between the races, as between all natural differences among human beings, begins in submitting to Jesus Christ’s commandment to "love our neighbours as ourselves." That is the world we envision and work for.

We believe that the politics of race — baiting whites against blacks and blacks against white has been profitable for politicians but catastrophic for the South and Southerners.

We believe that all Southerners – black and white – want and need the same things: a safe country for their families, liberty, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe that the last thing the South’s enemies want is to see black and white Southerners sitting down together to determine their common destiny and work for authentic harmony, a just social and economic order, and an independent South. We can’t foretell precisely what that order will look like, but certainly it will not make room for diversity police and political correctness. Rather, we hope it will bring the greatest freedom for the greatest number of all races, and good will among them all.

LS Board of Directors, 21 June 2005