Layers of irony, multiples of racism
A link has come in that just may beat all for politically correct inanity and ANILITY:
Liberal Says Cain’s Love For Cornbread Is ‘Troubling’
The cataloguing of layers of irony has become a specialty of mine, but they’re in danger of becoming layers of pure SILLINESS! Here you’ve got (1) a black communist, Herman Cain, masquerading as a conservative presidential hope while (1a) actually serving as nothing but a Republican Obama. In order to hoodwink the sheeple as all of them except Ron Paul do (campaign right, politic left, wink wink); he’s (2) momentarily applying country phraseology to himself, one of the rare times that any presidential type shows a healthy sense of irony about anything.
This (3) inflames the chattering classes — not because they really care about racism, but because (3a) they absolutely cannot tolerate the slightest instance of high-profile race work that’s off their plantation. They fain would save the blacks from themselves by thoughtfully serving as dictioNazis. All references to race at the federal level must be reverential, ponderous, and overtly or implicitly aimed against whitey, or the sword of Damocles will be hung over the offender’s potential for stardom, e.g. the yearned-for four-year vacation in the Oral Office.
EVEN A MAJOR BLACK POLITICIAN, a superstar enjoying his first 15 minutes of fame and glory, isn’t allowed to toy with the sacred matrix of words and motifs! Sanford and Son can rerun forever on cable and Satchmo can remain a god for the whole new millennium, but (4) for Herman Cain to call himself "shucky-ducky" or "cornbread" on the campain trail is, in the eyes of pointy-headed intellectuals, a Painful Reminder of the type of black person they DON’T want anywhere near the white house. Be a Community Organizer like Barry or a Lawyer like micHELLe if you want, Herman, but thou shalt not be c-o-u-n-t-r-y when treading the path so carefully scripted for you by Bilderberg/CFR gods in the great resorts of Europe!
This case might even take the cake away from the fools who complained about the "racism" of a historical display on cotton farming and processing that a Georgia town put up a few years ago. Because when knuckleheads at (in this case) the New York Daily News and the Simmons College faculty start wetting their pants over cornbread as a painful-reminder-of-slavery, they are fit only for a padded cell or maybe a year of forced employment in the real world. Yeah, that’d be the best fate for them — preferably cleaning latrines at Sing Sing. At minimum wage, since they’re so fond of THAT socialist fetish!
When the pointy heads go after cornbread, Southerners of every race should take deep offense. No doubt the pointies are aware that cornbread is a white thing too, and maybe this is even what the pointies really meant with that particular insult. They’re equal-opportunity annoyers.
Tons of comments have been added at at least two of those links, but I don’t know that they’ve heard from us yet. Pile on, will you?
Went to look up a word just now and look what was showing:
"Anoesis:  1. A state of mind consisting of pure sensation or emotion without cognitive content."
By an odd coincidence, this beautifulogism descrbies the "liberal" mental state to a T, don’t you think? Add it to your collection, help it gain some currency.
There’s no racist like a liberal racist.