Lawrence County Memorial Update


Chuck Sir and all here,

Quick update on the memorial fund, with repeats so no one goes unacknowledged. Donations have been received from the following…1 contribution from KY, 2 from FL, 2 from MS, 1 from Bama, 1 from Tx,, 1 from Va., 1 from Ga. 1 from a local guy here in B’port. We have as of tonight 8/27 raised a healthy $215.00 of our needed $350.

Tomorrow, work begins on the memorial area, with new flag poles goin’ up (kindness of the hometown fellow) the fencing is paid for now as well, and it is my plan to hopefully set the fence posts tomorrow as well. My band "Proof" is helpin’ with the labour thank ya guys, and thank all those who have helped with the most kind donations thus far. An additional security light needs to be purchased, and installed, as well as the repairs to the bench, purchase considerable sacrete, and then I will have to reseed the area.

Well, that pretty much covers it. Thanks SCV brothers, and UDC sisters. Thanks LoS members, and thanks to those in Dixie that aren’t a member of the three aforementioned orgs, but just wanted to help.

God Bless each and everyone y’all. My family and I won’t ever forget your kindness.

Behind Enemy Lines in illannoy
T Warren,
Heritage Officer Knox camp 2022 Ga Div.