Latitudes and Attitudes, cont.
It’s a serious mission of mine to keep highlighting the vast difference in North/South worldviews and even personal styles. Why bother? Because truth matters, and this particular truth accounts for a great deal of recent world history. We’re talking about a plague on this planet every bit as destructive as environmental pollution or flu pandemics — possibly more so.
The latest case is especially pregnant with meaning for the role the Y-word itself enters plays in it: yankees are even anathema to each other. The yankee compulsion for aggression and destruction does not leave yankee realm unscathed!
The great Elizabeth Wright, who is sometimes heard from in SHNV, has just trenchantly weighed in on another overwrought subject in ways that incidentally highlight the great divide in question — the death of the sports "legend" George Steinbrenner:
I’m more radical than most, so I’m not even going to talk baseball — the sport means nothing to me. But look at the "hero" Miss Wright exposes here — loud, crammed with hubris, tyrannical, abusive, self-promoting and -glorifying, and worshiped as a god. Steinbrenner is simply the *embodiment* of the yankee!
In addition to (or the midst of) those qualities, the essence is the pushy know-it-all utopianist who insists that humanity will be served best by submitting to his whims of iron. His big ideas are strictly about self-aggrandizement but are hyped as improvements for the general good. (Where have we heard this before? Politics. Is he studying with them, or vice versa?) What everybody else holds dear is literally demolished by this monster on the premise that he, as a System demigod, knows what’s better for people than they do themselves.
Romania’s mad dictator Ceausescu bulldozed thousands of ancient villages and put the people up in soulless concrete bunkers that only had electricity at certain hours of the day. Steinbrenner took it upon himself to raze one of the absolute most classic icons of American culture, Yankee Stadium, and replaced it with a nutty, unpopular monument to himself — what more textbook-style example could we ask?
The yankee mentality must be constantly chronicled and analyzed if the South is to survive. Don’t hate yankees if you want to be a good Christian, but please remember that the Scriptures command us to hate yankee depravity and criminality — Amos 5:15. I daresay nothing’s going to improve in this country  until people take that passage at its word and start hating evil. A people incapable of hating hateful things is one slated for imminent demolition. The same goes for individuals in the plain words of the KJV!