Las Cruces Fourth of July Parade
Mayor Miyaagishima,
This letter is in regard to the float in your towns 4th of July Parade that represented the Army of Northern Virginia of the Confederate Army & that was flying a historically correct flag denoting this & which won 1st place. In order to win 1st place there had to be a vote taken & a win achieved by receiving a majority of the votes cast.
You & you alone now want to nullify those votes, which begs the following question, do you or do you not believe in freedom? If so then stop acting like a fascist with one man rule over-riding a free majority vote.
Something is wrong in America when politically correct people like you tell us we are the ones being Un-American for displaying a historical American flag, like that of the Old Confederacy, while you are trampling the constitutional rights of those trying to exercise their freedom to vote & have it count.
When liberal, politically correct interpretations of history are wrong but, are allowed to stand over the constitutional rights & freedoms of citizens regardless of all the facts, then tyranny rules. Does fascist tyranny rule in Las-cruces, N.M. Mayor Miyaagishima?
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama