Las Cruces Fourth of July Parade
Mayor Miyaagishima,
I was very disappointed at your response the the winning float at the Parade on July 4th. I cannot help but wonder if you spoke with any of the participants that sponsored the float on that day or if you simply assumed who they were and prejudged what their thoughts and attitudes may be. It is this type of prejudice that must not be tolerated from our elected officials. I can no longer see Las Cruces as a city that welcomes diversity. I hoped that Las Cruces was far enough removed from the hustle and bustle of big city politics that this type of disregard of it’s citizens would not exist. I would have hoped that the mayor could help celebrate cultural diversity, and indeed honor the fallen soldiers of an era gone by. Apparently you do not feel that this American exercise is worthy if it does not conveniently fit into your narrow views of what the nation should be.
Shame on you.
Michael Biggers