Lake Church Cemetery arrests
I was notified a few moments ago that three persons have been arrested by the Candler County Sheriff’s Department and charged with damaging tombstones at the Lake Church Cemetery near Metter.  One is 17, another is 14 or 15 and the third is 12 years of age.  The 14 or 15 year old is a female.  The 17 year old is being held in the Candler County Jail and the other two have been taken to the Juvenile Detention Center in Claxton.  The three live in a mobile home park near the cemetery and have allegedly been behind several incidents of vandalism at other residences and vehicles near their home.
Since the apparent guilty parties have been arrested, it will not be necessary to offer a reward for their apprehension. Lake Church has insurance coverage on the cemetery and the costs of the repair of the grave markers will be covered by that so a work day to repair the damage will not be necessary.
Thank you to all members of the EC and the Georgia Division for your outpouring of generosity and concern, but further action on our part will not be necessary.  We’ll keep our powder dry until the next time — and there will be a next time.
Lt. Comdr. (South)
Camp #941
3 teens arrested after Candler County cemetery vandalized