Sharpsburg, KKK, Nazi, and women warriors

Ya’ll did an excellent job and accomplished something a group of other folks somehow do not think either right or necessary. When you read that the Klan Imperial Wizard equated himself and his other twisted brethren to the Honored Dead of the Confederacy who fell at Sharpsburg no rational person could defend NOT appearing and making clear the difference between the real Confederate soldier and the white supremacist fantasy that the Klan and Nazis still allow the press and the NAACP to equate to good men in gray.

That statement by the Wizard proved that the Klan is unarguably the great enemy of the Southern history and heritage movement. There is no middle ground in this battle. You are either with them and want them to have free rein to slander men who lived and died with honor or you must stand against them.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances which overtook 1st SGT Harrison the NATIONAL press coverage proves that a clear point was made by those who answered the 37th’s call versus those who were there to lie about our ancestors as well as those who were there to simply shout obscenities and insults. Good people were there with dignity and it attracted the press in a positive manner.

Again, congratulations to those who there with particular appreciation to Helaina Hinson for her handling of the press. Please ensure that I am forwarded a list of all attendees – as soon as I can finish rebuilding my home and get my full system up and running I will design and print a full-color Certificate of Appreciation for attendees. I will also design and make available through my store at a commemorative t-shirt for attendees at-cost.

I hope now after two successful events in opposition to the lies of the Klan which have garnered positive press that the next time the 37th puts forth the call there will be no dissenters save for those whose closets contain robes and hoods. At every future event we would like to significantly outnumber the Klan.

Col. Kelley
37th Texas Calvary

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