Klan in Antietam
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If I could have gone today, I would have been the loudest; however, I did make an effort via email to Marylanders, but was met silence and apathy….

I would like to thank the 30 people who showed up representing various groups (None of which ironically enough were SCV nor the naacp) and average citizens to oppose the Klan’s rally on ground made sacred by our ancestors on the Battlefield next to the Mumma Farmhouse.

Some have told me they prefer to ignore the Klan. They have in my opinion failed to grasp the escalation in tactics by these groups, who have turned from marching thru city streets or a rally at a courthouse to holding events at historic sites and National Parks, like Colonial National Park in Virginia, and the Battlefield of Sharpsburg.

Well, with currently over 200 media outlets worldwide running stories on the rally, as I predicted, ignoring them obviously was not the best choice of action by those of us who are supposed to be defending our ancestors’ good name.

In fact, the most often quoted statement from the whole event was that given by Klan leader Gordon Young. "We are the ghosts of our Confederate brothers and sisters who died here," and that will stick in the public’s mind.

So exactly who were the defenders of our Brave Confederate Dead, if not from SCV members?

Jeffrey Margolies, a counter-demonstrator from the Jewish motorcycle group Semites on Bikes: "It’s disgusting that they would come to sacred ground."

Lori Bartles of Sharpsburg said "We don’t support them being here in Sharpsburg at all, but particularly this year being here on our sacred battlefield, men fought and died here."

Helaina Hinson, 42, said she drove all night from her hometown of Benson, N.C., for the counter- demonstration. Dressed in a Confederate-style gray wool outfit and black cap, she said she wanted to show that the Confederacy was not about white power. "These people claim they represent Southern heritage. They do not, and we want people to know that," Hinson said. She said her great-great- grandfather was an American Indian who fought with the Confederacy.

The 37th Texas Calvary re-enactors, based in Virginia Beach, Va., were granted a permit to stage the protest. One member told the media the Klan does not represent Southern Heritage.

Leslie Barnes from Frederick said, "I think a lot of it is ignorance. A lot of what they’re saying is just plane ignorance or hate."

Perhaps the next rally the Klan holds on the sacred burial grounds of a National Park these people will again step up and defend our ancestors once again?

Thanks & God Bless
Billy Bearden

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