Klan Gathering At Sharpsburg
Something you won’t see on the Southern Heritage News and Views newsletter

As I’ve probably mentioned before on my blog, I’m a big fan and subscriber of Chuck Demastus’ Southern Heritage News and Views e-newsletter.

I have nothing but respect and admiration for Chuck, he has even invited my family and I to his home and treated us like family.

All of his heritage work is volunteer, and he does alot of it. Sometimes I send him opinion that he won’t print. It’s nothing against me or anybody else, Chuck has a deep sense of honor and doesn’t want to resort to name calling or personal attacks. His mission is to unite Southerners.

That being said…

There are a select few that post on the newsletter that don’t resort to name calling, but do plenty of damage to the cause. It makes it hard to combat them because of a few technicalities.

With all due respect to Chuck, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and that is what this post is about.

Below is one of those articles that didn’t make it to the Southern Heritage News and Views Newsletter, however, that’s not going to stop me from getting a few things off of my chest.

I present to you…

The Klan, Kelley , Ward, Griffith and Tuggle (Ignore them all!!!)

Dear Chuck and readers,

The whole subject about the Klan gathering at Sharpsburg has probably generated more debate on your list than I can remember in a long time.

It is a subject that has divided Southerners on this list, and perhaps that is just what it was intended to do.

It is my opinion that “racism” was created by the Federal Government. This occurred during Reconstruction when the Federal Government took away the rights of former Confederates, who could not vote or hold office.

The Federal Government then placed black Americans to rule over the former Confederates both politically and militarily.

Why would they do that?

I’ll tell you why they would do that. The Federal Government had to make sure that the South could never be united again. In their viewpoint it must remain forever divided so that the Confederacy could never reassert itself, as our President Jefferson Davis predicted.

Everyone knows that the Klan is but a shell of the organization that it once was, and that it is heavily infiltrated by the Feds.

As a friend of mine once joked: “How do you spot an under-cover FBI agent in the Klan?”; the answer is, “He’s the one who has paid his dues”

Basically you have 3 factions of Southerners debating the Klan’s demonstration at Sharpsburg on the SHNV newsletter.

1. The “Colonel Kelley” and Bill Wards who spend more time trying to keep the Confederate Battle Flag down instead of up. Kelley, who never misses an opportunity to dismiss the importance of the flag, or dispute its Christian roots, and Ward, who believes you should have to send him a permission form in triplicate for his approval before you fly one. These men are arrogant and turn their noses up to the common Southerner. (Let’s also lump Mr. “Fence Sitter” Mike Griffith in with this group, who tries to minimize the importance of students who take a stand for their heritage. It’s hard to get kids to care about anything except MTV , hip-hop , booze drugs, and getting laid these days, and we should hold those students who do have character and honor, who do take a stand for their heritage, in the highest of high regards, they are our brave young people and the future of the South. Anyone who has went up against a bureaucracy knows it is up hill all the way and indeed a fight, a real battle.

2. The second faction are men like Dewey Barber of Dixie Outfitters and Kirk Lyons and H.K. Edgerton of the Southern Legal Resource Center. These men are the ones supporting the future of the South , through their efforts to aid these young men and women who are keeping are heritage alive. Thank You gentlemen , for all that you do, you are the defenders of our youth and may God Bless you all for your efforts!

3. The third faction is made up of men like the great Mike Tuggle who tells us that : “
Re-packaging Southern heritage as multi-cultural and diverse is not only contrary to historical fact, but self-defeating. No doubt, there were minorities who fought bravely for Southern Independence.

The fact remains that they were a minority.” Tuggle continues by saying, “And that brings up the last problem with the "Rainbow" Confederates. If Southerners are gulled into believing that there was never anything culturally distinctive about the South, that the multi-culturalists agenda is the only heritage they can claim, then there’s nothing left to hold to” Mike is right to state that the South was culturally distinctive, however he is wrong in his attempt to try to trivialize the contributions that minority Confederates have made (and still do make) to our cause. Author Lewis Regenstein, has written about his Jewish Confederate Ancestors, we know of numerous black Confederate veterans thanks to H.K. Edgerton and Stanley Lott, we also know that here in Missouri William Quantrill had several blacks that rode with him and went to the Quantrill reunions afterwards, and were treated as an equal.

What about Terry Warren, a native American who has given much of his life in the defense of our Confederate heritage? When Mike Tuggle makes quips about “Rainbow Confederates” he is talking about many of my friends and heroes.

Tuggle considers himself part of the “planter class” of Southener. The I’m better than you class. Which is funny because this is the same attidude of liberals like Ward and Kelley.

Then there is the rest of us. Ordinary working class Southerners who care what their children are taught in school, and who recognize the value of educating others about the true history of the South.

If you find yourself in the “rest of us” category, then I’d like to say “hang in there” ignore the elitist such as Ward, Kelley and Tuggle and know that you are not alone.

Don’t be afraid to stand up against liberal groups like the NAACP the SPLC and the ADL. Don’t be afraid to fight the culture biggots in the public schools, and be sure to utilize men like Lyons, Edgerton and Barber.

Fly your Confederate Battle Flags proudly, and for the record, the Constitution guarantees you the right to fly them, so don’t waste the stamps on the Bill Ward permission slips you were getting ready to mail out.

Be proud of your Celtic heritage, but know that Mike Tuggle is not a Lord, nor are you his servent, so don’t hestitate to point out to the liberals all of the minorities that fought for the Confederacy, like us, they were fighting to defend their homes family and their freedom.

Clint E. Lacy
Marble Hill, Missouri
Southeast Missouri Registrar, Confederate State of Missouri

Chairman, Missouri League of Southern Voters

and notorious Missouri Bushwhacker!

Questions? Comments? clintlacy2@yahoo.com

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