KKK Counter-Demonstration
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Thank you for your comments. Arleigh and I were also disappointed that more true southerners, especially reenactors, SCV, and UDC didn’t turn out to oppose the Klan’s desecreation of the sacred ground at Sharpsburg/Antietam.

It is helps – Arleigh IS a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and I’m a member of the UDC. We just wish we didn’t have to represent the SCV and UDC by ourselves.

Everyone who thinks the Klan is a harmless fringe group should have been present Saturday. The speakers openly advocated violence, lynchings, and the overthrow of the U.S. government. The KKK and the American Nazi Party are the American version of Al-Qaeda, and decent citizens should take note. The speeches Saturday made my blood run cold. If the Department of Homeland Security really wants to make America safe then they should attend Klan rallies instead of busting women who try to board airplanes with baby bottles of breast milk.

Hearing those men attempt to equate themselves with Confederate heroes and honorable men like General Robert E. Lee made me sick to my stomach. It was so hard not to join the hecklers and scream epithets at the Klan members, but to do so would have lowered us to their level. Instead we stood quietly with our backs to them throughout their assembly, and quoted REAL facts to the reporters who asked to talk to us. I quoted General Lee’s letter to his son prior to the war – "Slavery is a moral and political evil" and pointed out that General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson supported a Sunday School for black children with his own funds. I’m amazed that General Forrest didn’t rise from his grave and whip their cowardly behinds for using his name!

A German reporter asked why I was there, and "what is southern heritage?" I replied that it’s southern pride, cultural identity, and honoring the sacrifices made by the soldiers in the war of 1861-1865. Our country endured a bitter division during those years and the KKK wants to divide us again, this time against ourselves.

We’re fighting another war, folks, and it’s for the honor of our ancestors. If you don’t stand up and defend them, who will?

To be silent is to condone.

Helaina Hinson
Benson, NC

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