King Lincoln Archive

Lord Acton

Lord Acton Writes to Robert E. Lee
The great classical liberal was, of course, pro-Confederacy. And see Lee’s prediction of the course of the US government after Lincoln’s conquest.

Charles Adams

‘Arrest the Chief Justice’
Lincoln apologists try to deny his vicious order, but they cannot, says Charles Adams.

Walter Block

Let the South Go
We could be a real help in the world, says Walter Block, if only we would undo the injustice of St. Abraham’s war.

Secession and Slavery
A libertarian theory from Walter Block.

George Crispin

The Great Centralizer
George Crispin on Abe’s real legacy.

Jeffrey Dantré

Heil, Abe
Jeffrey Dantré on the worship of Adams, Lincoln, Wilson, and Roosevelt.

Karen De Coster

Lincoln’s Spectacular Lie
Karen De Coster on the prevaricating propagandist of the consolidated state, and Thomas DiLorenzo’s demolition and #1 LRC bestseller, The Real Lincoln.

Happy Birthday, Abe
You son of a b____. Card from Karen De Coster.

John Denson

Why Did Lincoln Invade the South?
Not to abolish slavery. John V. Denson on a forgotten peace conference.

David Dieteman

Will the Real Lincoln Please Stand Up?
David Dieteman on fibbing about Tom DiLorenzo and truth about Abe.

Senator Palpatine, Meet President Lincoln
David Dieteman on the latest installment of Star Wars.

Before Abe
Utopia? Hardly. It was just America B.A.

Lincoln vs. Liberty
David Dieteman replies to Ken Masugi.

Getting Lincoln Right
Unlike Jack Kemp.

The Emperor Lincoln, Afterwards Deified
David Dieteman is a heretic when it comes to the civic religion.

Unpleasant Truths
Why do some people get so upset at criticisms of Roosevelt and Lincoln?

LBJ, FDR, and Honest Abe
Lying peas in a pod.

A Guide for the Perplexed
The trouble with Abe Lincoln. A response to the Wall Street Journal’s Bill McGurn by David Dieteman.

Older and Better Than the Feds
David Dieteman on Lincoln’s hogwash that the Union formed the states.

Thomas DiLorenzo

Lincolnite Hypocrisy
Thomas DiLorenzo on Lysander Spooner’s fiery attack on Abe.

The American Gulag
Thomas J. DiLorenzo on Michelle Malkin, FDR, and Lincoln.

More Trouble for the Lincoln Cartel
Thomas J. DiLorenzo on a blow for historical truth – from the NY Times!

Totalitarian Lincolnites
Marx, Hitler, Jaffa, Buckley, et al.

Hate-Crime Art
Thomas DiLorenzo on the second crime at Gettysburg.

Lincoln’s ‘Great Crime’
Thomas J. DiLorenzo on the arrest warrant for the chief justice.

Neocons Love Lincoln
Hillary does too.

Abraham Ashcroft
And the unconstitution.

Neocons Plot To Jail War Critics
Or maybe execute them. Naturally, Lincoln is their inspiration.

The Unreal Lincoln
Thomas DiLorenzo refutes Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard.

Making Cannon Fodder
A Straussian exposes the Lincolnian big-lie.

Pledging Allegiance
To the omnipotent Lincolnian state.

The Republican Moneyed Elite
And why they elected Lincoln.

Dishonest Abe
The Lincolnians were inside traders.

The GOP-Liberian Connection
Lincoln started it, with the plan to deport American blacks to Africa.

Supreme Dictators
Thanks, as a happy Woodrow Wilson explained, to Lincoln.

Leo Lincoln
No wonder neocons love Abe, says Thomas DiLorenzo.

Six Myths About Lincoln
Thomas DiLorenzo explodes them.

The ‘Buy America’ Myth
The South, unlike Lincoln and the Buchananites, was right on tariffs, says Thomas DiLorenzo.

Northern States Rights
Thomas DiLorenzo on Straussian lies about America.

Lincoln’s Spectacular Lie
That the central government created the states.

What Lincoln’s Army Did to the Indians
No wonder the neocons love General Sherman.

The Lincolnian Graveyard
Neocons are whistling past it, says Thomas J. DiLorenzo.

Lincolnites Love Bush
Uh oh.

Lincoln: Slavery A-OK
Thomas DiLorenzo on the Great Emancipator’s real 13th amendment.

Anti-Lincoln Gangs of New York
Some effects of Lincoln’s military slavery.

Lincoln’s Willing Executioners
Their evil marches on, but not on private property.

Lincoln’s ‘Second American Revolution’
Thomas DiLorenzo on our first Republican (i.e., statist and bloodthirsty) president.

Libelers for Lincoln
Thomas DiLorenzo on court historians.

Financing the Empire
How it all began, with the anti-gold Lincoln and his greenbacks.

The Economics of Slavery
Thomas DiLorenzo on Lincolnian distorters.

Bush Is Lincolnian
This is not praise, says Thomas DiLorenzo.

No Justice, No Peace
Thomas DiLorenzo on the other reparations movement.

The Unknown Lincoln
Not any longer, thanks to Thomas DiLorenzo.

Thomas DiLorenzo on fake Lincoln quotes.

The Weirdest Defense of Lincoln Yet
Thomas DiLorenzo refutes Jude Wanniski.

Whigged-Out Lincolnites
Thomas DiLorenzo on their flipped-out and fibbing worship.

Confronting the Lincoln Cult
An interview with Thomas DiLorenzo, the man who knocked Abraham-Zeus out of his state temple. Read his #1 LRC bestseller.

Constitutional Con Men
Thomas DiLorenzo on Harry Jaffa and his Lincolnian cabal.

Lincoln’s Tariff War
The warmongering, centralizing protectionist invaded the South on a looting expedition.

Hitler Was a Lincolnite
Some distortions of Harry Jaffa exposed.

Prevaricating Pentacrat
Now Tom DiLorenzo, author of The Real Lincoln, really knows he’s doing something right.

Lincoln’s War on Northern Liberties
The neocons, note, defend everything the Dictator did.

The Economic Causes of Lincoln’s War
The neocons lie about them, of course.

Was Lincoln a Tyrant?
Only neocons would deny it.

Glory, Glory Hallelujah
Abe’s evil marches on.

Lying For Lincoln
Thomas DiLorenzo on the neocon smears against his important new Lincoln book.

Stop Lying About Lincoln
Thomas DiLorenzo has had it with official prevaricators.

Dislike Aggressive War and National Socialism?
Then you must like slavery. Thomas DiLorenzo on the typical defense of Honest Abe.

Lincolnites Can’t Stand the Truth
But that’s not stopping the truth teller, Thomas DiLorenzo. Read his new book, The Real Lincoln.

Happy Dictator Day
Thomas DiLorenzo on Lincoln.

US Military "Trials"
Here’s just one episode, courtesy of the murderous Lincoln.

Targeting Civilians
In the modern era, it all started with Lincoln.

Lincoln’s Culture of Death
And those who pretend it’s pro-life.

David Gordon

Lincolnian Nonsense
David Gordon on Jaffa and Sobran and Lincoln.

Paul Gottfried

Band of Brothers
Against a clique of comrades. Paul Gottfried on Gods and Generals. As he suggests, read Adams and DiLorenzo on the war of federal aggression.

Contra Jaffa and Strauss
Paul Gottfried on the evil secret of Lincoln worship.

Gail Jarvis

Federal POW Propaganda
Gail Jarvis on Andersonville.

Keepers of the Lincolnian Flame
Anybody got an extinguisher?

‘History’ and the Federal War
Against the South.

Myles Kantor

An Unnecessary Horror
Midge Decter is dead wrong about Lincoln’s invasion of the South, says Myles Kantor.

Copperhead Abolitionist
Murray N. Rothbard opposed slavery and Lincoln’s jihad. And there’s no contradiction, says Myles Kantor.

Come On, Libertarians
Lincoln was a monster. Stop defending him, says Myles Kantor.

Lincoln’s Slavery Lacuna
The Great Emancipator was happy to promote slavery, if he was paid for it.

No friend of liberty can admire the dictator.

Stephan Kinsella

Libertarians for Lincoln
Using legal fictions to justify tyranny.

Lincoln Libertarians
Further tales of what Murray Rothbard called "big-government libertarians." Article by Stephan Kinsella. And see Thomas DiLorenzo on The Real Lincoln.

Christopher Manion

So Long, ‘Honest Abe’
Christopher Manion on the Lincolnian big lie.

Lincoln the Godling
Chris Manion, an old friend of Ken Masugi, reflects on his unproven Lincoln assertions against David Dieteman.

Brian McCandliss

Were the States Sovereign Nations?
Brian McCandliss on the defining but unasked question of the Civil War.

Daniel McCarthy

Gods and Generals
Daniel McCarthy on an epic for LRC readers – and all who care about real American history.

The Cult of Father Abraham
When the adherents say "civic religion," they’re not kidding.

Lise Dupont McLain

Prisoner of State
Lise Dupont McLain on Lincolnian freedom.

Lincoln’s Assault on the North
Lise Dupont McLain on American Bastile.

Ryan McMaken

‘The Last Days of the Confederate Government’
Ryan McMaken on An Honorable Defeat.

H.L. Mencken

The Gettysburg Lie
Note from H.L. Mencken.

Mencken on Lincoln
The libertarian and the dictator.

Ilana Mercer

DiLorenzo on Lincoln
Read this very important new book.

Abraham Lincoln’s Pyrrhic Victory
Ilana Mercer on the founding father of the present regime.

Donald Miller

Civil War Revisionism
The books (and the grandmother) that taught a Westerner the truth. Article by Donald Miller.

Robert Murphy

Liberty in the ‘Crossfire’
Bob Murphy on the stupido-cons.

Gary North

Lincoln and FDR
Here’s why these two are untouchable, at least to statist historians.

James Ostrowski

DiLorenzo vs. His Critics on the Lincoln Myth
More nails in Abe’s coffin, from James Ostrowski.

Lincoln to the Crowbar Motel
That’s where he should have been, as James Ostrowski shows.

Lincoln as a Pro-Life Hero
And other crazy myths.

Carl Pearlston

The Truth About the ‘Civil War’
The worst disaster for liberty in our history.

Paul Craig Roberts

DiLorenzo’s Lincoln
Paul Craig Roberts examines the evidence.

Craig Russell

Lincoln’s Slave Army
And other gangs of New York. Article by Craig Russell.

Leonard M. Scruggs

Cherokee Confederates
Why so many American Indians fought Lincoln. Article by Leonard M. Scruggs.

Kevin Southwick

What Lincoln Said at Thurmond’s Party
Kevin Southwick reports.

Joseph Stromberg

Sherman the Exterminator
Before (and, of course, after) he massacred Southern civilians, this federal employee killed Indians.

No King But Lincoln
The nationalist, neo-Unionist argument is a rope of sand.

It All Began With Abe
Joseph Stromberg on "detainees," "unauthorized combatants," "pirates," and other prisoners of the feds.

When in the Course of Human Events
Arguing the Case for Southern Secession. Reviewed by Joseph Stromberg.

The Real Constitution
Courtesy of Abe Lincoln, FDR, and the other democratic dictators.

H.A. Scott Trask

Was Nathaniel Hawthorne a Paleolibertarian?
H.A. Scott Trask on the great writer, Jeffersonian, and opponent of Lincoln’s war.

Alan Turin

A Paleo Guide to February Holidays
Alan Turin on the beloved Abe, etc.

Laurence M. Vance

Lincoln the Dictator
Laurence M. Vance on what Chief Justice Taney tried to do about it.

Walter Williams

The Real Lincoln
Walter Williams on Tom DiLorenzo’s The Real Lincoln. The book is brilliantly written, and of immense importance.

Clyde Wilson

Bad Address
Clyde Wilson on the Gettysburg fraud.

Jacobin Yankees
Clyde Wilson on Gangs of New York, and Gangs of DC.

DiLorenzo and His Critics
Clyde Wilson on why this fight is so important.

The War Crimes Trial of Abraham Lincoln
The path history should have taken.

Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

The Real Significance of the ‘Civil War’
Thomas E, Woods, Jr., on why Abe and the feds were wrong.

Adam Young

The Real Abraham Lincoln
In his own statist words. Article by Adam Young.

Andrew Young

A Federal Shrine to a Holy Birth
Andrew Young on Lincolnism in Kentucky.

John Zmirak

Gods and Generals
But is it good as a movie?


LRC Attacked
For questioning Lincoln’s war. (Note: we also oppose Buchanan’s Lincolnite economic policies.)

‘Gods and Generals’ on DVD
Finally, this historic film is available. Here are some of the articles we ran on it.

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