Commentary by Billy Bearden

In front of Mirror Lakes Elementary School located in Villa Rica, between 1:17pm until approximately 2:04pm, two Confederates braved the beautiful warm spring day to honor their ancestors, and show lying politicians that, at least for a few, the flag issue still matters.

The event was billed as a Bill Signing Ceremony for Gov. Perdue, which mandates lower class sizes, but will increase school trailers and a need to hire yet more teachers.

Channel 2 News sent reporter Lori Geary out to cover the festivities, and while she didn’t come to visit us for our story, Ms Geary’s story still rings strong from her attempt to pay a young black male $5 to remove his Battle Flag Bandana and burn it for her in front of Channel 2 TV cameras in order to hype the recent story of a Battle Flag on a local High School Gym, so it’s probably for the best 🙂

Both myself and fellow flagger Jerry DeMarce stood across from the school entrance, waving our ’56 flags and listening to Southern music. The school is situated on a hill, and we chose the only location visible from the street below – a slight embankment opposite the main doors.

The passersby were either all supportive by waving or non-committal by just looking, nothing negative at any time – and most of the supporters had CBF or ’56 flag tags.

The Gov’s entourage was first led by a fellow driving a Communications (for media relations) Van, then shortly thereafter Perdue’s Black Tahoe/Blazer arrived with Douglas County Deputies in front and rear. The Gov was running late.

There were balloons, media, dignitaries, and Ray Charles singing ‘Georgia’ to meet the Liar in Chief. As pictures were being snapped, sounds of LIAR! and LET US VOTE! were heard.

We got 2 ‘chicken’ birds with 1 Flaggin today, as Brooks Coleman was also victimized by the waving 56’s. He was the recipient of $3,000 in lapdog payoff monies for his vote to steal the flag for King Rat Barnes.

The most heartwarming song I think I ever heard was when the event broke up, a large group of children gathered from around the playground to the fence nearest to the school entrance, and beginning when Perdue came out to get in his chicken mobile —almost in unison— then turning into a chant, most all the kids began "SONNY LIED ! SONNY LIED !" and it reached its crescendo as he drove by. There was no amount of "Georgia" that could drown that out. It made the whole trip one of the most special ever!

I just got through watching Ms Lori ‘Burn-it-for-my-$5-Baby’ Geary’s Channel 2 report, and for some reason, that chanting episode by the kids never made the air…..

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