Kevin and the Levinites
Kevin and the Levinites
No folks, I’m not talking about some king and his pagan tribe in the Old Testament, or some modern day cult for that matter. I’m referring to Kevin Levin, his “Civil War memory” blog, and the adoring admirers who post glowing “comments” of worship at his carpetbagger temple. It seems that a few SHNV subscribers other than me have discovered this blog and have found, as I have, that in most cases, Levin does not allow posting of messages from those who vehemently disagree with him. Put into the contemporary vernacular, Levin’s blog is heavily “EDITED.” There have been some cases where he has allowed a message to be posted. In such cases however, there is seldom a debate, or a back and forth discussion. Usually, the message is posted, Levin issues a rebuttal, drawing applause from his brain dead worshippers, then shortly thereafter, the post disappears mysteriously into the blogosphere.
Levin is not the least bit original. For one thing, every hack “civil war” historian/author/blogger out there today who’s trying to make a buck or a name for himself is jumping on the same bandwagon – “Bash the South”, “Bash the Lost Cause”, and moan about racism. The more creative you are in doing these things, the more likely you are to sell your book or make your blog famous.
For another thing, the word “Memory”, indicates a second rate imitation of Dr. David Blight’s “schtick” Blight, an Amherst professor and author of “Race and Reunion,”, maintains that America’s “memory” regarding the WBTS is faulty, due mostly to those werry werry bad Confederates, who, after the war, re-wrote history. To listen to Blight, the war was all about slavery and little else, and the black man invented everything except the wheel but was never given credit for it. Blight, of course, is going to correct all that and set us straight.
Blight also bills himself as a “Professor of MEMORY Studies,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. In my day, a professor who bestowed a title like that upon himself would have been laughed out of academia and out of the classroom. Indeed, in my day, such a bonehead might have received a visit from the men in white coats carrying their “butterfly nets.” Today it seems, such people are taken seriously, a comment perhaps on how low the world’s common sense level has sunk. Read a little of Levin’s ramblings and you’ll quickly realize that he imitates Blight, that he idolizes Blight, and that if his head was buried any farther up Blight’s a**, we’d need a tow truck to pry it out.
Don’t waste your time trying to debate Levin. He won’t allow it. It would spoil the nice, neat look of his blog. “Thank God for Kevin Levin”, was one of the comments on his blog!! (YIPES!?) Don’t waste your time trying to engage him in debate on neutral territory either. He has nothing to gain by it. And don’t waste time trying to enlighten those who worship at his temple. They are already in “flat-line” mode.
So what to do then? Email him? While it might get under his skin, it isn’t going to change anything. Start a counter blog? Having had a website myself once upon a time, I can tell you that such things are extremely time consuming. Actually folks, there’s a lot more at stake here than simply counter-pointing a blowhard yankee blogger.
Levin, you see, is a teacher, the same kind of teacher who teaches your kids to be ashamed of who they are and where they come from. I wish I had a dollar for every Southerner who’s told me that he’s lost one or more children to an educational system which has seen fit to ingrain shame into them.
And there are many Kevin Levins, in public schools and in private ones, all over the South and indeed, all over the country. The way to combat people like Levin is not to challenge them to intellectual duels, which they will not accept because they have nothing to gain, but to challenge them when they try to (and I mean this in the most literal sense) take your children away from you! Remember, you pay their salaries. You pay for your kids to go to the school, be it a private school or a public one. Don’t send your kids to them without first giving those kids the “lowdown” on who they themselves are, and who people like Levin are! And when teachers like Levin try to make your kids ashamed of who and what they are, go pay those teachers a visit and tell them that you pay their salaries and that you don’t appreciate what they are trying to do. I could be wrong, but my gut tells me that such schools as the one Levin teaches in are full of “latchkey children,” (children whose parents simply turn their kids over to the educational system without keeping tabs on what’s being taught). 
Let Kevin and the Levinites do their “thang” on the internet – after all, it’s a free country.
But don’t let them have your children! And don’t be a “latchkey parent.”
Bill Vallante
Commack NY
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