Kevin the Levinite, Crazy Eddie Sebesta, and the Museum of the Confederacy


There is precious little to cheer for these days when it comes to the War to protect Southern Heritage. Outmanned, outgunned, with few if any allies in the press or in the media, the war, at least as I see it, hasn’t been going all that well for some time now.

Every once in a while though, we get a reason to cheer, and laugh our collective posteriors off in the process. I submit for your approval, a comment on the blog of one Edward Sebesta (aka “Crazy Eddie”), in which we see a confrontation between him and another Yankee Blogger, Kevin Levin (aka “Kevin the Levinite”).
(look for the blog post entitled “The white paternalism of Kevin Levin” in case the post has been moved from its original spot at the top of the page)

It would appear that Levin has developed a dislike for Sebesta and visa versa. According to Levin, Sebesta is “leading black children astray.”  According to Crazy Eddie, Kevin the Levinite is an example of “white paternalism.” What fun it is to watch our enemies devouring themselves!  Two “men,” each viewing themselves as the savior of the black man, having a cat fight over who is the bigger savior. Folks, it doesn’t get any better, or funnier, than this! For extra added fun, follow Crazy Eddie’s link to his post about why he will not accept an award from the Museum of the Confederacy! Director Waite Rawls and his trusted sidekick John Coski apparently gave an award to one of Crazy Eddie’s books and they got the award tossed back in their faces.

As a former MOC member who resigned his membership in disgust over 3 years ago, I can only say that Coski and Rawls got what they deserved.  When you go swimming with sharks, don’t be too surprised if your rear end gets bit.

Meanwhile, Kevin the Levinite and Crazy Eddie continue their catfight….”I’m the biggest savior of the black man!”…..”NO! I’m the biggest savior of the black man!”….”NO! etc etc…” And on it goes!

If only the black folks would open their eyes and realize that these types of white folks are not their friends!?

Bill Vallante
Commack NY
Associate Member SCV Camps 3000, 1961, 1506, 2086