Kevin Levin


In regards to the Kevin Levin’s blog located at, Mr. Bill Vallante was correct it is very heavily edited. I have made 3 very civil posts to his site and yet only about 1/3 of the posts shows up. He hasn’t got the backbone to post the entire response!!! Rev Swann also invited him to a public debate and I offered to allow them use of the SHAPE “General Discussion Board” at So far he has just dodged the offer. In the response to Kevin below I again made the offer.
At any rate his blog is nothing more that a waste of time as I stated below and I am done with him.
George Purvis
As I have stated there are plenty of historical articles posted On the SHAPE website. You are only visiting the "general discussion" board. Is the site to hard for you to navigate?
You are not impressed because you didn’t bother reading plain and simple, anyway because your view is opposite of mine I wouldn’t expect you to say it is an impressive site. I say post a link sand let your readers decide if it is impressive or not, or you can actually come there yourself and prove that the unimpressive material I have posted is in error. In fact I invite your entire Group of readers to gang up on me and prove I am wrong.
I fully understand historical sources, I deal with them everyday. What I am trying to get across to you is the fact you will not allow a link to SHAPE show up in any of my posts. Why??? You allow clickable links to other blogs show up as proven going to any of the post that support and clicking on names such as Heather. I see nothing of historical value in her blog. So why are you afraid to allow my website link to show up? I do not post ANYTHING to the “Articles” section unless research or contact information is provided with the submission.
I have been commenting on each and every reply you have posted. I even made a historical reference to the War For Southern Independence yet you fail to address it. Instead you are to busy to trying to explain away your blog and your sources a while hiding in your little protective turtle shell as moderator of this site. Here is another historically true statement—Lincoln proved a war that killed more Americans than any other war in history.
I can see, with you not allowing, at least to a degree, unrestricted posting to this blog it is nothing more than a waste of time. If you should grow a backbone and if you really believe in your sources, come to the SHAPE website and invite Rev. Swann to a controlled debate in a public forum. I think it would be interesting don’t you? And wouldn’t it really be a first? You would be making history.
This is more than likely my last visit here. No need for you to waste your time responding as I do not intend to make another response for you to heavily edit. You have nothing to offer in the way of history, only your biased one-sided opinions. As stated before exchanges of this nature a just a waste of time. Should you choose to contact me I can be found on the SHAPE website.
Have a Dixie Day!!!
George Purvis