Kevin Levin
Chuck – I made a post on Kevin Levin’s Blog several months ago regarding his comment that no blacks ever fought for the Confederacy and that there were no service records to prove that any served as soldiers.  I corrected him and pointed out that as Union armies advanced they destroyed homes of whites – and blacks – and perhaps one reason blacks would fight is in defense of a place to live.  It is an undeniable fact that whites and blacks lived as family in the South, and slaves were allowed to keep chickens and other livestock – a 5th grader on a field trip to Mount Vernon could tell you that!   The Yankees were not choosy about who they victimized – and certainly did not hold Southern blacks in high regard.
Levin posted my comment and proceeded to call me a Neo-Confederate and blast me as being ignorant, exhibiting his own superior intelligence in the process.
He has various blogs, including one that insinuates that Robert E. Lee and
Stonewall Jackson were lovers – garbage like that.
He teaches at a private school in Charlottesville, Virginia, poisoning minds of Southern children.  He is so left wing I suppose that even public school won’t have him.
Terry Ayers
Federalsburg, MD