KY SCV Plates


Here is the reply I sent directly to the "Human Rights Commissioner" about his decision on KY SCV Plates:

To whom it may concern:

I am a member of the SCV of Ky. I am very proud of my organization and what we stand for – not slavery, but the right of each state to stand up against an unconstitutional federal government. For this organization to refuse the right of citizens to proudly display the battleflag of my people on their car plates IS a violation of Human Rights.

I assure you that I have not only "grown up" but I, also, know when someone has no clue to the truth and is hiding behind a shield of propaganda.

I am a retired member of the military and will soon retire from teaching US History in the public schools. (Over twenty years each…) And, as such, do not have any need for you to restrict the rights of a great and proud organization like the SCV because of your ignorance of the truth.

"Denny" Lee Lacy
Hopkinsivlle, KY