Keep up the Great Work

Howdy Chuck:

Just wanted to email you a few lines of support and just wanted to say to please keep up the great work!

In regards to the Ron Paul, if you will, situation, I don’t know what Mr. Knapp’s problem is.  He stated that you had a big mouth, and I say how so.  All you said was that if he didn’t like something that you sent then he could skip over it or delete it, and the other thing you said was that he would keep rude remarks to himself.  I hardly call that a
big mouth.  Also, he asks you to back this up and back that up; however, he neglects to say what Presidential candidate he’s voting for.  If there are any other Presidential candidates who give a dang about the South, it’s history, CSA. history, etc, Mr. Knapp should include that in his emails instead of attacking you.  If he doesn’t want to read something then skip it or get rid of it or unsubscribe.  Subscribe or unsubscribe as you said in your reasonable reply to Mr. Knapp.

Take care and thank you Sir.

Southern Pride!!!