‘Pride, heritage’ of all must be kept in mind

The Clarion-Ledger • March 23, 2008

I listened to Sen. Barack Obama’s eloquent speech in regard to his pastor and "spiritual adviser," Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Sen. Obama and others stressed the importance of the reverend’s age and the hard times he undoubtedly endured in the days of Jim Crow and the violent civil rights battles.

We are asked to view his hurtful and anti-American comments from that perspective. White voters should understand the passion the man feels for these bitter views, given that frame of reference.

I wonder if perhaps there may be white people who may feel the same kind of passion for, say, the Confederate battle flag? Great grandpa’s family may have gone for weeks without food, being relentlessly shelled by Union cannons during the siege of Vicksburg.

As long as they could see that flag flying from the cave in the cliff that served as their only refuge, maybe they held out a glimmer of hope that they would survive to see their loved ones again.

Obama correctly points out that for us to heal the racial chasm that currently divides America, we must move past the bitterness to become the great America we can be. We must also remember that pride and heritage are engrained in the souls of all, regardless of color.

David Browne


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