Keep Confederate Memorial Day

April 30, 2010

As a former resident of Mississippi and a retired veteran of over 20 years, I was saddened by Ms. Jacobs’ myopic letter suggesting a halt to Confederate Memorial Day ("Stop Confederate Memorial Day," April 17).

It is never wrong to honor our servicemen, for the serviceman serves regardless of politics.

Moreover, Confederate Memorial Day is not a celebration of segregation or second-class citizenship, but simply remembers those who died in military service. Even a Mississippi African-American legislator argued for the placement of a memorial to Mississippi’s Confederate soldiers in Vicksburg National Park.

Ms. Jacobs is the same individual who proposed that the University of Mississippi change its mascot to an alien. I wonder if she would rather have an "Alien Remembrance Day?"

Let’s remember our servicemen regardless of politics. I wonder if some individual in a future century will complain about our present memorials to those Americans who have died in Iraq because these servicemen died defending a society that allowed abortion or capitol punishment?

Dr. Arnold M. Huskins Major, USAF, retired
Grovetown, Ga.