From: Candi,
Date: Sun, Jul 26, 2009

I was up late tonight. Couldn’t sleep. This case has been weighing heavy on me lately so I took a midnight stroll to a nearby huddle house  where I go to think and express myself through my writing. I feel like I haven’t been as appreciative as I should be in this case and I want to be more involved as possible. Its been hard on me lately doing this on my own without my parents. I started doubting the case for a long time but after depositions I’ve got that fire back when this case first started. I was questioned amongst a crowd about the confederate flag recently and I stood in front of 30+ people and preached about the civil war and it made me feel great to teach the truth and see the expression change of every African American there. I started this case with my parents because I was young but now im truly understanding what im fighting for. I want to become a history teacher some day and this is encouraging that factor immensely.

"Justice IS coming"

I am not a racists but a woman of my word
I am a proud decendant trying to be heard
Do not judge what you cannot understand
You did not know my forefathers that roamed this land
I am loud and I am proud and I believe in the south
I know the truth so it doesn’t offend me, the words that escape your mouth
Robert E. Lee quoted "my chief concern is to try to be an humble, earnest Christian"
Just like my ancestors this to, stands my mission
I will fight til’ death to defend my rights
Regardless it leaves me a many sleepless nights
I do not pursue this for attention of any kind
I do this for my rights and my peace of mind
Half of you that judge are deprived of true history
And to those to ignorant to learn, it shall remain a mystery
Seek and you shall receive, a lot could be learned
Intelligence is an honor to have earned
God does not judge so why hate me for me?
I will not be discouraged, I speak for the world to see
The Confederate flag represented pride and compassion
Which is why I wear the flag over my heart when worn as a fashion
I made no disruption, simply stated the facts
But I was repaid with scorn and hatred acts
God knows where I stand, only he will judge me
Same for every individual so let me be
I have pride in every race, I am an American too
And all I aim to do is preach the truth
If I’ve offended you, I apologize but have you heard me out
Let me tell you of the brave soldiers and what this war was really about
I thank my mother, father, SLRC, Kirk, H.K., Roger, SCV, Dixie Outfitters and many many more
They’ve supported me one hundred percent in what im fighting for
May God bless Dixie and Justice for all
With God and my support I will continue to walk tall

Thank you all again!