Just when you thought…..
From: wildbill4dixie@yahoo.com
…..that America couldn’t get any dumber than what it already is…..
Hollyweird brings you this…..
"a sinister connection between vampires and slaveholders…"
"a recontextualization of history"….(a what????)
Of course, you know I posted a "comment" – who wants to bet on whether the "moderator" lets it go through or not? Bookmakers in Vegas have it at 3-1 against….(just kidding)
Just when you thought that America couldn’t get any dumber than what it already is, the geniuses in Hollywood give us a movie that casts Lincoln in the role of Van Helsing (or maybe "Stan Helsing"?). "A sinister connection between slaveholders and vampires"? Why of course! Everyone knows that slaveholders were responsible for all the ills of the world. I know this because Hollyweird tells me so! Funny how all the evil slaveholders always seem to be in the American South of the antebellum period while all the other slaveholders in the world throughout history get a "get out of jail free" card!? I wonder why that is?? And, a  "recontextualization of history"? A what? Hey Macke, you can turn it upside down and sideways and look at it any way you want…but any way you shake it, it’s not "history," it’s still FICTION… and very bad fiction at that.  Step right up folks – 10 bucks gets you a movie ticket and a free lobotomy!