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From: rebeljimmy@gmail.com

The Confederate Battle Flag is viewed so many different ways by folks, that there is hardly any common ground in any group no matter where you are. I was raised in South Carolina and have seen most sides of this issue. The Klan in my opinion are one of the groups that do us more harm than good. I have seen them run rampant through town with our Great Battle Flag tied across the hoods of their cars inviting the "White Public Only" to their rallies and have always thought why is it right for these people to be able to degrade a race of people under a symbol as great as our Confederate Battle Flag. In my opinion the race they are actually degrading would be the White race because they are choosing to separate them from the rest. The Klan, NAACP, SPLC, Aryans, White Supremacits, etc in my mind are all in one group; they do no more than harm the ones they are claiming to help and make themselves look foolish at the same time.

I met a man in Memphis who is black and had issue with the Confederate Battle Flag; to make a long story short, I ended up telling him know that he wasn’t wrong for believing what he had been taught, that there is another side to the issue, and that all people with the Battle Flag are not there to wave it in his face in a hateful manner. I understand that hate towards our flag is what he has been taught but I think now he may at least see that some of us do have a strong belief that the Confederate symbols represent Southern Heritage Not Hate. We can’t ignore the fact that our symbols cause pain for some folks, we can’t ignore the fact that some idiots use our symbols to inflict pain on the ones already hurting, and we surely can’t ignore the fact that we have to be compassionate with everyone while speaking to them about our Confederate Heritage or we will come off as those who are inflicting the pain. It is not our purpose to change any ones way of thinking, we simply must teach that there is another side of the story and let them make up their own mind.

I have no problem with anyone due to where they are from or what race they are. I have good friends from all over and of many different races. I do have a problem with people treating each other badly for no reason or just because they want to. I’m not right all the time but I hope to be always respectful and compassionate of others feelings no matter who they are. We can’t live in denial, we have to do the same we are asking anyone else to do, look at the others perspective before addressing the issue and for heavens sake don’t talk down to them because when we do we are our own worst enemy.

Stand strong in your beliefs and teachings, you can have a civil debate with most folks. Continue to preserve our Southern Heritage and Confederate Flag with all of the energy you always have but remember your Southern manners because if you don’t, you will only lower yourself to their level. Listen to their side as you want them to hear yours and remember they were taught different than you were. After it’s all over by the Grace of God hopefully they will at least know the History books ain’t always right.

Jimmy Sutherland

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