Just my opinion

From: billbrocker@yahoo.com

Some time ago, while blogging on some Southern issue or another, one of the great minds of the north posted a response that I think about from time to time. "you lost, get over it." so profound was his comment that
I’m sure if there was two of him he’d be a whit, however, I do think about this comment and like most things I have an opinion. Now this is just my opinion but it seems to me while the Union won the war it is ironic to me the Yankee lost the same rights we did with the peace. It is that victory that makes them a victim. I question in our "Yankee friend’s’" comment what are we to get over? Is it the destruction of our institutions, our land being stolen, our finances wrecked by predatory/ mandatory loans, the murder of our citizens or was he referring to more recent events like the subjugation and attempted subjugation by coercion of our states, communities, banks, schools, personal finances, even our churches. The one, in my opinion, that is hardest to digest is the attacks on our values. I’ve always believed that values represented the very core of what is a Southerner. Those values are common to us all black white and every one else. In our culture we like the same foods, the same music, even the same churches and this brings me to my point.  As Christians we must forgive to be forgiven, however, we need not suffer a whore monger among us. Proverbs makes it clear that whore mongers are not only destructive to all things good and Godly but seek the spiritual death of the righteous. Further the Godly are not to suffer the whore monger’s presence. This brings me to my second point.  T. Roosevelt said," To my mind a man that loves more than one country is like a man that loves other women in addition to his wife." We in the South have some similarities to TR’s philanderer with major differences; we love the south beyond question it is our home. We are a part of it and it is a major part of us. Yet, through circumstances we are inclined and at times required to consort with a madam of the lowest repute. We consort with this bawdy madam that we often find repulsive and even give her our fidelity. As we all know we came to this arrangement by our most noble fathers who having done all that could be done and true to their word attempted to normalize things for our sakes. We, their progeny, has followed their example, but to what end?  To see divisiveness between the people of our South over our history and things as Petty as race, to see our finances and economies looted by northern robber banks, to be made the object of derision in our own homes by the north eastern progressive whore monger movement? This then brings me to my final point. It is now high time we drive these whore mongers from our presence! We the Christian peoples of the south should drive out the progressive whore mongers that suckle at the breast of divisiveness to our very detriment. It is time for the peoples of the south to unite and refuse them. For the scalawags in the media, we the people of the south should go after their sponsors and their advertisement clients, For the Progressive whore mongering attorney his reputation and his law licenses, For the leftist professor his academic credentials and the finances of his institution, for the prostituting politician; their voting record and campaign supporters. It is time to fumigate clean and scrub our home rearrange the furniture. It is our home and not theirs: it’s time they respect it. If madam’s judge rules no ten commandments on our court house lawn then every door in the community should display the Ten Commandments. If our father’s flag is removed every window in that community should display the flag. What ever the whore monger covets to create division among us refuse and should we lose to the courts restore it in other ways one thousand fold. We need not repent of obstructing those who would harm our communities our family, Friends, and neighbors rather, it is our Christian duty and our obligation as citizens of the South and that’s not just my Opinion. For my "Friend up north" I don’t wish to get over it.