Just a thought
From: tandpam@shawneelink.net
If "our flags" are the biggest thorn in the sides of the “intolerant, bigoted, PC ilk; then why in the world aren’t we putting more of them up?
It’s just a simple thought, but it seems to me that with a little organizing and collaboration between Southern heritage and political organizations, we could have a “coordinated flag raising day" of our own.
A simple press release to the AP that it was gonna happen and the message would be spread to the world in one day.
Flags are cheap in the whole scope of things, and flagpoles don’t have to be elaborate……in fact just put those wall mounted  brackets up by your front door and fly a flag from there is just as effective.  Take it in the evening and replace it each morning.
Maybe I am wrong, perhaps the flags of our ancestors aren’t as important to the majority of Southrons as I would like to believe they are.  Lord, I hope I am wrong in that statement.
It just seems to me, (and I certainly am not the sharpest tool in the shed), but if our flags bother " those people so much" then why not be loud and proud about it.
It certainly is a peaceful, legal, and I believe effective manner in which to make the statement that Southrons as a culture are NOT goin’ away, so get over it!
If it acceptable to  the  gliberal American public for foreigners to  fly Mexican, Iranian, Iraqi ,etc flags here in a country where so many  American patriots  gave their lives and limbs for rights and freedoms, then by the grace of God we should not be castrated for doin’ the same.
Like I said in the opening, "It’s just a thought"