Jury mulling dress code involving Confederate flag

From: vaproto@optonline.net


My God! Either the American public has gotten too stupid to live or we’re so caught up in political correctness and fearful of “the race card” that we have literally ceased to function! "I think it is extremely difficult for lay individuals on juries to decide complex constitutional questions, and I think that is being borne out in this case," school board attorney Arthur S. Knight III said. What an ass! “Complex constitutional questions?!” What complex constitutional questions! Where in the Constitution is there any reference to “being offended”? But there’s one hell of a big reference to freedom of speech and expression – it’s called the First (not the Second or the Third or the Fifth) Amendment! What is going on here! The Judge should have told these folks that “being offended” is a right nor is “offending” someone a crime. If rioting breaks out because someone is or some people are “offended”, then they are the criminals, not the person whose clothing caused their little minds to implode!

Since when did extortion become an accepted social strategy? Since the “civil rights” movement, I guess.