Judge Orders Southern Poverty Law Center Investigated For Complicity In Oklahoma City Bombing

FBI Ordered To Release Documents Disclosing Their Association With Morris Dees, Who May Have Encouraged Attack To Raise Money

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — In a stunning development today in the ongoing Freedom of Information trial surrounding the Oklahoma City bombing, a federal judge ruled that Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh had help from "inside the militia movement" and ordered that several people and organizations, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, be investigated for complicity in the 1995 terrorist attack.

US District Court Judge Dale Kimball ruled today that the Southern Poverty Law Center defintely received warnings about the planned bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building when Timothy McVeigh called Elohim City looking for Andreas Strassmeir, also believed by some to be an informant, just days before the attack, and may have instructed one of their informants to help organize and plan the bombing:

"Plaintiff points out the fact that this document indicates there was an undercover operative [affiliated with the SPLC] in with Timothy McVeigh and members of the various militia groups who aided and supported McVeigh, but plaintiff wonders why, given the subject matter, there are no earlier records produced by the FBI."

The judge followed that by ordering the FBI to release any and all documents relating to their relationship to Morris Dees, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the group’s informants.

The judge also ruled that Kenneth Trentadue and Richard Lee Guthrie, individuals involved with the Aryan Republican Army, a bank robbery group believed by some to be linked to McVeigh, were beaten, tortured and murdered by US FBI agents who attempted to cover up the killing by refusing to release internal agency documents:

"While the FBI’s failure to discover documents is not necessarily and indication of bad faith, it is puzzling that so many documents could be referenced but not produced."

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