Joining SCV-Documenting Confederate Ancestor
Mr. Noble,

I have assisted numerous men who wanted to join SCV in locating and documenting a Confederate ancestor. Mr. Bachand posted a request for assistance on Southern Heritage News & Views (SHNV).
Considering that you had 8 great-great grandfathers there was very likely one or more of them that served as a CSA soldier. And you may also join under their brothers who were great-great-great uncles. If you are a relatively young man your CSA ancestor could have been a great-great-great grandfather and this gives you 16 chances plus their brothers who were 4th great uncles.
So if all in the Noble family were exempted from CSA service you still have all the other family names on your fathers and mothers sides of your family. I think the odds are great that you did have one or more CSA ancestor under which you could join SCV.
I have access to the Federal census records thru and can try to find a CSA ancestor for you if you would like my help.  I would need the names, dates, location etc. of your family going back as far as possible. Then I would find them on the 1930 census and go backwards to 1860. Then I would take the names of all males in 1860 that were of age to be CSA soldiers and check the names against the database of documented CSA soldiers.
Let me know if I can help.
James W. King
SCV Camp Commander
Albany Georgia