John Larkschar’s Porno
Dear SHNV Friends,
Most of you have, no doubt, by now read the news about John Latschar, the Superintendent of the Gettysburg National Military Park, losing his "top" position but not his salary or job.  A memo was leaked by the Department of the Interior stating, "Latschar viewed 3,456 sexually explicit images while at work." Latschar has admitted guilt but also said some of the Inspector General s conclusions were flawed. The only "flawed" element in the event was that Latschar "got caught."
This should not be too surprising since Latschar headed a park that honours a United States military force that officially established houses of prostitution for its military forces at tax-payers expense. The United States Government under orders from Abraham Lincoln pimped for women of the north and the South to provide sexual services for soldiers fighting and occupying our Southern States. The U.S. even provided medical physicians to visually inspect "the whores" twice a week for lesions around their sexual organs that would indicate the presence of VD.  In spite of these precautions U.S. military personnel in some areas experienced VD rates at 25%-50%. There is an excellent book titled (I believe) "Sex and the Civil War" that gives a graphic and most depressing but informative account of this aspect of the conduct of the war by the United States.
The Christian heart can take no real joy in the fall, foolishness and stupidity of the wicked. All of mankind have feet of clay, both male and female. The devil rejoices when we do evil as well as when he can get others to know that we have done evil instead of being dedicated to the performance of duty and God’s will. By demoting the "public" position of this worm it falsely gives these people the illusion of the Department of Parks and Recreation as taking a stand on higher moral ground.
In this case I might be tempted to rejoice if a public evil had been lessened or eliminated or some harm repaired. I am unable to see the downgrading of John Latschar, Supt. of the Gettysburg Battlefield Park, as any kind of a victory for our side.  Likely as not he may well stay at the same pay level. Now, he may only have a more convenient venue for the practice of his private vice.  As a pastor, college/university/hospital chaplain and Professor of Theology for over a period of 40 years I can understand where it might seem that there is some good in this for us.  The real possible good here is that maybe this is an event in Mr. Latschar’s life that might turn his face toward the God of all truth, historical and moral; however, he is not manifesting any symptom of repentance at this time.
The one thing truly most sad and condemning about agnostic "America" is that after taking out this insensitive and ignorant jerk (Forgive me, but I am doing the best I can in my choice for words here.) is that having taken him out of his position the story told by the park service will not be improved. This may be the real lesson, if there is one, to learn from this experience. The lesson is how degraded a large population of people can be when they universally reject a life of devotion to God and doing His will. Taking out the "Top Dog" (not an inaccurate term for this event) will only reveal that there are others with his same perspective that are yapping at the heels of the leadership of the Department of Parks and Recreation to take his place and promote their sick and specious views and accounts of this period of human misery corporately inflicted by the unbelieving and ungodly on a Christian republic.
Deo Vindice.

Timothy D. Manning, M.Div.
Executive Director
Palmetto Heritage Foundation
3018 Charleston Highway
Cayce, South Carolina 29172