Dixie Outfitters Endorses John Cripps for Governor of Mississippi

Dixie Outfitters is proud to announce its endorsement of John Thomas Cripps for Governor of the great State of Mississippi.

John Cripps is a long time trusted friend and compatriot of the Dixie Outfitters family. He has worked tirelessly for many years for the Southern heritage community at the expense of his own personal wealth and time with his family.

As the founder of FreeMississippi.org, John organized groups statewide to register voters and inform the people of their choices. John Cripps deserves much of the credit for the victory of the people of Mississippi in the recent vote to retain their state flag.

More recently, John founded FreeSouth .org to promote the ideals of espoused by our Confederate ancestors and the founding fathers of the United States. In this capacity, John has traveled all over the South organizing rallies and demonstrations to support issues of Southern heritage.

John Cripps is not a career politician, a lawyer or a judge. John Cripps is a man of the people. He is a man who will stand for his principles and represent his constituents. He will not waver in the face of money or political pressure. Mississippians can be sure that he will represent the citizens of Mississippi, not the corporations or the Political Action Committees that control most of those in political office.

Mississippi will be proud to have a man like John Thomas Cripps as their Governor. Dixie Outfitters is proud to have John Thomas Cripps as a friend.

Link: www.freemississippi.org

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