John Brown
Dear Mr. Demastus,
Last October 16, the 150th anniversary of John Brown’s raid, and just a few days after the death of my dear friend, mentor, and publisher, I began an article that you might find interesting called "Dr. Edwin Elliott, John Brown, and The Christian Observer" – .
As my publications work is voluntary and a ministry, I work for a living in computer support, and for the past almost-seven years, in Harpers Ferry, WV, where I witnessed first-hand some of the preparations and machinations regarding the 150th anniversary "celebration" of John Brown’s cowardly doings, and the "spin" as seen through the clouded lens of 150 years of revisionist history and political correctness. The short article tries to put some of that into perspective.
Two other related Christian Observer articles covering the John Brown raid were republished on their 150th anniversary of first publication:
A Regular Abolition Conspiracy –
Character of John Brown –
My predecessor publisher, Amasa Converse, had been covering the demise of the American Republic for several decades before the war broke out, as he saw what the heresy of the New England Religion (Unitarianism) and the radical abolitionist mindset were doing to our nation.
Best Wishes,
Bob Williams
Managing Editor, Christian Observer
and Presbyterians Week