Jim Bazo (aka Jefferson Davis)
From: tonyjones.csae@hotmail.com
I’m looking for some help again, this time l am looking for the Honorary President of the Confederate States Allied Europe, Jim Bazo aka: Jefferson Davis, and his right hand man, Jerry Hicks aka: Alexander Stevens, also a member of the CSA-E.
I know that Jerry Hicks lives in Alabama somewhere, but not exactly sure where. Jim Bazo it seems, has moved from his home in Canada to Dixie, where l have no idea…can anybody help to trace him?
Must have another shot of Southern Comfort before l continue…take on the yankees single handed at this rate.
Without Jim Bazo, the CSA-E will be without their Honorary President, and being loyal Confederates we need our President, we hope you can find him for us.
Lest We Forget                                                                
(and we won’t)
Anthony R Jones
Cmdr in Chief
Confederate States
Allied Europe.