After the WBTS Confederate President Jefferson Davis was arrested & imprisoned for a couple of years without charges. During this time it was debated in Washington D.C. that they could not charge him with treason because the U.S. Constitution was undoubtedly in his favor. The yankees decided they might lose in court that which had been won on the battlefield over the previous 4 years. Perhaps, our attention to saving our heritage would be better spent in a civil suit versing the United States government over our constitutional right to independence as individual states. If we by chance did not win this independence in court then we could pursue minority status as an entirely different culture of people, which is true. At least minority status would give us protection under " yankee law," which is more than we have at the present. We would be free to exercise our history, heritage, culture & everything associated with it without having to meet the demands of other minority groups who say they are offended by all of it. We can keep fighting & losing our battles piece meal or we can go for it all in one fell swoop. The U.S. government would have no choice but to recognize us after a Supreme Court ruling in our favor. If it didn’t the world view of it would be one of suppressing one of its own groups of citizens, which flies in the face of everything the U.S. claims to stand for. Civil Rights for Southerners is the legal, lasting route to pursue at this late a date as it beats every option we presently have.

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama