Jefferson Davis statue
Dear sir:
I have been reading with interest the subject coming to the attention of political leaders in Mississippi regarding putting a statue of Jefferson Davis somewhere at/on your state capitol grounds. 
Having not yet had the privilege of visiting your state capitol, I am frankly very surprised to learn there isn’t such a statue already in place.  What has taken so long?  And why would there be any discussion regarding such?  Is there an historical Mississippi figure more famous than Davis?  You all should have gotten this done a long time ago.
As a Kentuckian, I weigh in on this matter because both our states have a claim on President Davis:  Kentucky for his birthplace and much of his education, Mississippi for his home of choice.
Now, I invite any of the Mississippi delegation to please hurry to our state capitol, Frankfort, and see the beautiful and inspiring statue of Jefferson Davis in the rotunda of our capitol.  Perhaps that would motivate you all to do the right thing. 
John M. Brown
Flatwoods, Kentucky