Jeff Parker’s February 29th cartoon


Dear Editor,

Jeff Parker’s cartoon on February 29th was in poor taste. For humor to be effective there needs to be a measure of good taste and truth. Parker’s cartoon although expressive of the mindset of some people is erroneous. Is Mr. Parker aware that during the war, the Union hired many numerous mercenary soldiers to kill Southern Americans? That is the true denial.

Here is a partial list of major Union officers who were immigrants coming to the nation to kill Floridians.

Major General Carl Schurz
Major General Franz Seigel
Brigadier General Francis Meagher
Major General Peter Osterhaus
Major General August von WIllich
Major General Frederich Salomon
Major General Julius Stahel
Major General Max Weber
Brigadier General Alexander Schimmelfennig

These were all Prussian or German military officers promoted to General in the Union armies. There are many more, but this will suffice to support my contention. They had been kicked out of Europe for communist sympathies. These were some of the officers who led the attacks on Southerners and Floridians.

The correct bumper sticker would be "Honk if you love the idea of hiring foreign armies to kill other Americans".

It is my hopes that you publish a retraction or even a correction concerning the error of the cartoon. Your denigration of Southerners and misrepresentation of history is saddening. I hope your mistake was due to being uninformed or ignorace rather than malice.


Jeff Murrah
La Porte, Texas