Jim Limber, Jeff Davis, and our Enemies

From: wildbill4dixie@yahoo.com

The proposal to have a statue of Jefferson Davis and Jim Limber on display at Tredegar Museum seems to have our enemies’ panties in a bunch, as evidenced by one link below, a blog run by a local Virginia carpetbagger who just can’t stop moaning about slavery and worshipping contemporary historians and the tripe that they peddle. I made a couple of posts to his blog in order to ruffle his feathers a bit, but it appears that the blog is “moderated”. So far, my posts have not appeared.

It seems that the latest take is that Limber wasn’t really “adopted”, and that he wasn’t really a member of the Davis family, but was more like a “Pet”. Yes, I said “Pet”. They’re even critiquing Limber’s clothing as being “hand me downs”. You can thank Museum of the Confederacy historian John Coski for that one. Apparently now, in addition to his many talents, he has become a fashion critic. And noticeably absent from Coski’s article, which is displayed on Mr. Levin’s blog, is something that I’d always read in regard to the Limber story, that being, that the child was forcibly removed from the Davis family by a federal officer. Funny how Mr. Coski makes no mention of that? That part of the story don’ up and gwoin’ it seems?!


So why are the politicians, newspapers, museums, our carpetbagger blogger, John Coski, Christy Coleman and all the gaggle of "contemporary historians" so upset? What’s the real issue? Here it is in a nutshell:

God forbid that anyone should put a human face on a Confederate personage. God forbid that an unknowing and gullible public should come to realize that the people of the past, although different from us in some respects because they lived in a very different world, were actually like us in that they had the capacity for good as well as for evil. God forbid that anyone should actually get the idea that even a slave owner could have compassion for a fellow human being, because, as we know, slave owners were werry werry bad people.

Most Americans have never heard of Jim Limber. And I would have to think most would be surprised (pleasantly) that the President (and his wife), of what some referred to and still refer to as a "slave holding republic", would take in an abused black child. They may actually come to realize that Jeff and Varina Davis didn’t have horns growing out of their heads! And it is this which has our enemies’ panties in a bunch! Simply, it upsets their neat little story of good vs. evil, (North = good, South = evil) It’s much too frightening for them. Trust me. They won’t stop until they shoot the statue idea down or fall flat on their faces trying.

Bill Vallante
Commack NY
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