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Today the SPLC asked Donald Rumsfeld to monitor members of the military who might be members of white supremacist organizations (no mention of racists of other colors.) This all sounds fine & good except for a few minor details. To begin with the SPLC is not a government organization & should not be giving directives to anyone at any level of government. No one vote has been cast for the SPLC to oversee any aspect of running this country or its military and our ELECTED OFFICIALS NEED TO BE TOLD SO.*************>>>

/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS: Right you are, Billy Price, and well put. Actually it’s worse than Billy lets on here, people — far worse.

Some of you don’t want to hear this but the fact is that the SPLC ***and the laughably misnamed Anti-Defamation League*** are nests of self-appointed thought police which act as virtual government organizations now — the one no less hateful and destructive than the other. Government and media take what these groups say as the gospel truth and often blithely rule it into effect (or into grade school curricula).

It must be faced that both the above hate groups are among the worst enemies this country has ever had. They seek its total destruction and they wield huge influence in government at all levels, from the presidents and congresscritters they rule by intrimidation (overt or implied) to the untold thousands of local police departments the SPLC regularly sends its hate propaganda to — patterning the sheeple’s minds, month after month, year upon year, in the idea that anybody to the right of Bob Dole is a dangerous bomb-throwing Nazi waiting to happen.

This is deadly serious business. Every time the SPLC is quoted in a news report (which seems to happen somewhere in the country every ten seconds) its sham authority grows a degree yet further in the addled mind of the sheeple. But these citations are also an opportunity for us to whip out the documentation on the real nature of Morris and company. The Montgomery Advertiser did a series of articles exposing the SPLC itself as a hotbed of genuine racism, sexual harassment and sheerest greed. The First Freedom newspaper did a full-page collage of damning facts on the SPLC for easy copying and distribution.

You can cut to the chase by net-searching the phrase POVERTY PALACE. Adults over 21 can try searching MAUREENE DIVORCE, but not within 60 minutes of eating dinner.

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