Jan 19 Editorial
From: jtay7635@bellsouth.net
To: letterstoeditor@dallasnews.com

I am a native Texan whose ancestors fought in the War Between the States. They were poor Alabama dirt farmers who owned no slaves and couldn’t have afforded one if they wanted to. My great-great-great grandfather died in that war defending his wife and children from an invader who sought to destroy his country and burn his home.

Men like Lee freed his slaves before the war and freed his wife’s slaves before Lincoln made it an issue in the war. Jackson never owned any. Neither Lee nor Jackson desired to see slavery continue and all modern southerners agree with them. If Grant was really fighting to free slaves he would have been the biggest fool in the country because he owned slaves and did not free them till he was forced by the 13th Amendment to do so. The North despised and hated blacks more than modern revisionists will ever admit and most people in the North could have cared less whether blacks were free or not.

The truth is the War Between the States, like most wars, was fought over economics. The North needed cotton for its textile mills. Once a free South imposed tariffs on exports to the North it would have forced the North’s economy into a financial crisis.

I’m sure catch phrases like liberté, égalité, fraternité do reflect the disposition of the editors at the Dallas Morning News. Those of us who know our history remember that the French Revolution was enforced with Madam Guillotine. Yeah, that’s really heroic.

As for me, I’ll stand with my Confederate ancestors, the true heroes.

James Taylor
Amory, MS

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